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Client Feedback - 72Point - Review - Logo

Nifty relocated 72Point to Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3HA in October 2018.

Here's what Hollie Stevens and Jeff Lloyd of 72Point have to say about Nifty Business Movers...

Scott and his boys were prompt, professional and curtious. they completed a complex two part two destination move without fuss. I would recommend them and use them again should the need arise.

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Move Day ☆☆☆☆☆

The Project

72 Point Limited were previously based at Great Sutton Street, London. The company was occupying three floors; ground floor, first floor and second floor, with stairway access only.

Following the free initial survey at 72 Point, Nifty were all set to start work the first weekend of October.

Day 1

The team met with Hollie from 72Point bright and early on Friday 5th October. After a brief conversation, everyone was clear that there were no changes or additional requests, and work could begin.

To start with, the priority was to carefully pack all the decommissioned IT equipment. Furthermore, the Nifty team was responsible for safely removing the computer monitors from the arms which attach to the desks. Once all the IT equipment was securely packed, the team began to move the equipment to the vans.

The vans were parked at Northburgh Street, approximately 300ft from the front door of 72Point. Our Nifty team have the experience, strength and correct equipment to move all manner of heavy loads downstairs and over reasonably far distances – Without A Problem.

One by one, the team were moving seamlessly to the van with large operator chairs and the corresponding cabinets. Once the server cabinet was safely on the van, it was only the last bits to consider. Whilst some were tackling the kitchen appliances, others offer to help to clear the walls and carefully pack the pictures and TVs.

With the vans loaded, we spoke with Hollie to check if there was anything else that might need moving. And so, a final count of crates and the packing and loading was complete.

With the team ahead of schedule, the focus was to move all the remaining items from the first and second floor to the ground floor. With all the disposal items on the ground floor, the Saturday team would find collection much easier and quicker the following day.

A short drive to Farrington Street, our drivers safely pulled in to the Hatton Garden Entrance and unloading was underway.

Day 2

Following the move the previous day, the Saturday team arrive at Great Sutton Street to collect all remaining furniture and general waste.

Having been dismantled the previous day, the furniture was traveling to 72Point’s Bristol office. Following the journey, the Nifty team met with Jeff Lloyd at the Media Centre and rebuilt the furniture ready for Monday morning.

The remaining furniture, pedestals and a few cabinets were for disposal.

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72 Point was able to take advantage of Nifty’s Funiture Clearance offer – they got money to move!

Nifty Business Movers offers reuse, resale and recycle system for redundant furniture. It may sound too good to be true, but you can have a rebate for unwanted office furniture. 72Point were able to reduce the cost of their move by selling their furniture to Nifty. Nifty Business Movers kept 25% of the furniture for resale, some were recycled and the majority was donated to charity.

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