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Nifty relocated Limejump from Waterloo to Kennington Park Business Centre.

Here's what Limejump Limited have to say about Nifty Business Movers...

…everything went well and very smooth! We were very happy with the service and the performance of the team

The Project

Nifty Business Movers were responsible for relocating their IT equipment, filing and personal items. The team even uninstalled their TV’s from their old property, and reinstalled them into their shiny new one!
Limejump were previously on the 7th floor of York Road and with Nifty’s helped moved to Kennington Business Park

9:00 am Friday morning and Nifty Business Movers arrive at York road to meet with Dirk from Limejump Limited. It was straight to work, packing the IT equipment into approximately fifty crates. Once the majority of the equipment was safely stowed, some of the team turned their attention to the TVs. It was essential to prioritise safely removing the ten television screens, from the wall mounts, as they would also be a feature in the new office.

The other half of the team were all set to start dismantling the desks. Once everything was was securely in crates, the team could begin travelling to the vans. In addition to the TVs and IT crates, this included: three large cabinets, desks, armchairs, sofa, large MFD printer/photocopier, whiteboards, bench, tables and a pool table. Although it may be considered a rather long walk to the vans, with access to a lift and loading bay, the Nifty team were at ease.

Arriving at Kennington Business Park

Approximately 20 minutes thereafter, the team arrive at Kennington Park Business Centre. Armed with a floor plan and with the guidance of Dirk, the team were all set to unload. To begin with, the team moved all the desks and TV screen to the new office on the first floor. As a result, Nifty’s specialist fitters could get to work assembling the desks and remounting the televisions as per the directions of Dirk.

Once the porters were finished unloading, all the IT equipment was carefully placed on the corresponding desks and reconnected. The other crates containing personal items and documentation were placed as per the floorplan.

And so, all that was left was to ensure that Limpjump were happy. They commented on how smooth the office move was and how happy they were with the team.

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