Commercial Storage London


Businesses rarely have unlimited space and often need some business storage London. In locations like central London, additional space costs money. However, our commercial storage London services might benefit you and be more cost effective than you think.

Commercial Storage London

Are you paying for unused space on a fixed-term contract?

If so, we can save you money.

Nifty Business Movers provides a fully managed, commercial storage facility in London. We can help you store your business files, from one box of papers to suites of office furniture and retail displays.

In addition, we take excellent care of your items and Nifty Business Movers will move your items wherever you wish.

Therefore, our commercial storage London service might be right for your business.

Commercial Storage London

Business Storage London

Following the pandemic, many companies are looking to downsize and need some business storage in London. If you’re looking for business storage, we can help you.

We have the ability to store anything from business files to business furniture and everything in between. In addition, we can help you organise your business storage to suit your needs. Servicing businesses all across London, whether you’re north or south of the river, our local team can help you access your business documents or furniture when you need them. Your peace of mind is so important to us, therefore, we have the right security in place for all of your business belongings. If you need business storage in London, we’re the right people to support you.

All of your business possessions will be itemised and you’ll have a full inventory of the items you have in our business storage unit in London. Finally, you can be confident that all of your items are safe and secure in our business storage London.

Using our business storage London allows greater flexibility for items that aren’t needed day to day or if you’re reducing your office space due to hybrid working.

How our Commercial Storage London Works

Firstly, we will discuss and survey the items that require storage. Furthermore, we will provide an accurate quote based on the volume of storage.

In addition, Nifty Business Movers will collect the items at the time we agree. Before the removal of the office furniture, we will create an inventory on-site.

Secondly, following our inventory, we will then transport the items to our secure warehouse near London. Without delay, the team will check the inventory and transfer all items to the container, racking, or floor space we allocate to you. In the meantime, a copy of the inventory is emailed back to you for reference.

On request, inventories can include photographs, descriptions, and dimensions. In essence, whatever makes the identification easier for you, we will do our best to achieve it.

When necessary, we retrieve the select items from the consignment and deliver you. Typically, request for next-day delivery, however, two-hour express delivery is available.

And so, the money-saving part.

In contrast to self-store, Nifty Business Movers has no minimum contract period and no minimum volume for managing storage. You only pay for what you store! With this in mind, it’s usually the cheaper option.

All in all, you can save time by using Nifty Business Movers to retrieve your items. Furthermore, our in-house delivery minimises transportation costs. You can also use the scanning service to receive documents in minutes.

We fully insure all items from the point of collection to return.

In addition, we can also provide furniture storage, delivery, and installation service, which isn’t available from office furniture manufacturers or delivery companies.

Lastly, by providing you with the whole service, it saves you time and money.

Our Commercial Storage Services

Container storage

Ordinarily, Office furniture storage is in large crates/containers. However, our high-bay warehouse makes office furniture storage very cost-effective. Furthermore, items are easily accessible and tracked with electronic inventories. Unlike self-store, your storage items are charged by volume, rather than a fixed volume for the duration.


Similarly, we offer a full record management solution for documents, files, and data. Including scanning and retrieval. Our archive storage will create valuable office space, saving you time and money. Nifty Business Movers document storage system has barcode technology to track and retrieve items efficiently.


If you have larger items unsuitable for container storage, our racking system can off you a secure pallet. If necessary, we will wrap items for protection.


Not everything is suitable to store in containers or on pallets. For instance, very large items are stored loose, with adequate protection until you require them.


In addition, high volume warehouse storage rates are available for your container, alternatively, we can provide containers for you.

So, if you need a business storage specialist in London and to move your commercial furniture, look no further. We can provide a reliable commercial storage service for you. Why not take a look at what some of our customers have to say about our commercial storage London.

Nifty Business Movers Reviews

Our service provides furniture storage and installation services for all of Metro Bank’s UK branches. Firstly, the specialist furniture is shipped to our warehouse from the USA. Then, the required items for a branch are retrieved from storage, delivered and installed for the branch opening.

We have a long-standing working relationship with Arcadia in London. Overall we assist the various retail stores and administrative areas of the business by managing their business storage. Nifty Business Movers store various items, for example, shop displays, mannequins, and samples.

Nifty Business Movers completed an inventory for a LinkedIn office and stored a whole floor of furniture and equipment. When LinkedIn was ready to move, we were responsible for delivering everything back to its new home.

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Commercial Storage London

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