Nifty’s Removal Process


Nifty Business Movers provide a safe & secure business storage service that gives you the confidence to suit your needs.
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Nifty Business Movers provide safe & secure relocation service for all your IT requirements whatever the size of business.
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Nifty's Removal Process

You call us, or email, or complete a quick quote form. We contact you and discuss the removal process and, more specifically, your office move.

If necessary, we will arrange an appointment with our surveyor. Our removal process aims to have someone with you within five working days – but it’s usually much less.

First of all, at a survey, we will check a multitude of details regarding the specific services that you need to move your company. These can affect the time and cost needed for your move such as:

  • Parking restrictions/access, use of lifts (at all addresses)
  • Amount of furniture to be moved and what requires dismantling and reassembling
  • What materials will be necessary to move your IT equipment in a safe and secure manner
  • Amount of filing/paperwork/stationery and other items. In addition, any whiteboards, noticeboards, TVs, and artwork that you want to be taken down and put back up
  • Any old stuff in your current office that needs disposal – especially if you have new furniture for your new office – Tell us and if it is of reasonable quality, we might even buy it from you. If not, we’ll recycle it so nothing goes to landfill
  • Any packing services you require – you can pack yourself or we can pack and unpack for you.
Nifty sends you a quote – usually within 24 hours of a survey.

If you’d like us to help you there is an electronic quote acceptance link in our email and we can book in the resources needed for your move on the day that you specify.

Before the move, we will be in touch to make sure that you have no last-minute issues and to confirm all the details. Furthermore, we will also supply special colour-coded labels so that you can identify who owns which equipment and files. As a result, your staff’s belongings are waiting at the right desk, or in the right cabinet, after the move.

On move day our supervisor will introduce himself to your key contact and the move gets underway. He will be your main contact throughout the move and will be able to resolve any problems that occur (such as lifts breaking down, emergency road closures or over-running IT technicians).

When we’ve finished, your supervisor will go through everything with you to make sure that everything is where you want it to be before the men leave the site.

While we specialise in London removals, we help companies across the UK.

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