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Croydon Company Removals

Nifty Business Movers is a Croydon company removals expert, with the resources and expertise to make your move as smooth and easy as possible.

With over 12 years experience, we are regularly helping Croydon companies to have stress-free moves with minimal disruption to their business. 


Nifty Business Movers specialise in helping companies move office as cost efficiently as possible. Our local knowledge of Croydon enables us to keeps the costs down and advise on local parking and access restrictions. Our local depot offers you convenience and ensures our team can maintain fast reaction times. In addition, we offer free crate hire and free insurance for all Croydon company removals. Prehaps you have redundant furniture, tell us about it! If it is of reasonable quality, we might even buy it from you. If not, we’ll recycle it so nothing goes to the landfill to help with your company sustainable disposal policy.


As specialists in co-ordinating Croydon company removals, we have local building knowledge and expertise to ensure a quality removal service. You can have peace of mind knowing that it is business, as usual, following your move. Whether it is a small office move or a major commercial project, we have the right team and the right services to meet your needs. Our experts handle all aspects of your move from filing and packing, transportation, cleaning, and the recycling of furniture. We ensure that you don’t lose valuable productive business time and that your office furniture remains in pristine condition. Furthermore, having a short survey avoids costly extras.

A 15-minute free, no obligation, survey is all it takes to get a quick quote to you, usually on the same day…Call 020 3195 3447

Free Insurance
Free Crate Hire

Any packing services you require – you can pack yourself or we can pack and unpack for you.

Recent Projects

Croydon Company Removals - Recent Projects - Logo - Corinthian

Project: Corinthian Group

  • 25 person move


  • Croydon to Tunbridge Wells


  • Assisting with packing and unpacking
  • Decommissioning/ recommissioning desktop IT equipment
  • Relocate furniture, filing, kitchen and associated items
  • Recycling redundant furniture
  • Vacuuming and cleaning old empty office
Croydon Company Removals - Recent Projects - Logo - Philip Gamble & Partners

Project: Philip Gamble and Partners

  • 50 person move


  • 2 Phases: Central London to Croydon


  • Moving all filing and items of furniture
  • Decommissioning/ recommissioning & testing desktop IT equipment
  • Safely and securely transporting IT equipment
  • Recycling redundant furniture by donating to charity partners
Croydon Company Removals - Recent Projects - Logo - ARS

Project: Amosu Robinshaw Solicitors

  • 30 person move


  • George Street to Windmill Road


  • Delivered stored items to the new office
  • Vacuumed and cleaned old empty office
  • Removal of waste

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