Why Choose Nifty?

Moving office can be carried out very efficiently with the right resources and experience.

So, Why Choose Nifty?
We ensure that the project endures effective planning to avoid unexpected additional costs to complete the work. Hence why we are the only office removal company offering a money-back guarantee on any pre-agreed price for a move.

Firstly, moving is stressful

Nifty can help minimise the hassle you may associate with this major upheaval to a business. Nifty is ‘powered by Function’ and the many decades of combined company experience in providing a reliable removals service. Our directors, surveyors, supervisors and porters ensure that your furniture, IT equipment, files and paperwork, as well as personal effects, will all be in the right place in your new office.

Extensive Experience

Our experience runs from moving just a few desks to moving hundreds of people for companies over one weekend. Furthermore, we have extensive learning about how to make your life easier. For instance, we understand the complexities of moving countless companies in London, so that you can have a worry-free move experience.

We are so confident about our reliable services that we are the only office removals company that offers a certainty guarantee…

Certainty that your company will be fully operational at an agreed point in time, certainty that your project will be totally seamless, and the certainty of a fixed and fair price. Moreover, we are unique in that we are the only office movers who offer guarantees and service commitments to support you throughout your project. Consequently, everything we do operates around what we call the ‘Monday morning moment’; the morning after a move when everyone arrives to start work. We’ll have everybody functioning whatever it takes; certainty wrapped up with guarantees – no excuses.

Appoint us on a project and we’ll assist you every step of the way. For instance, if your company has an in-house facilities team, we are always happy to work with them. If not, we are happy to be a part of your team and attend project meetings and directing operations on site. Overall, the more involvment we have on a project, the more our services can help reduce risk and make sure that every detail is taken care of to make your project a success.

Removal Van
Removal Trolley

Our Seven Point Certainty Guarantee

Above all, when you choose Nifty Business Movers, we want you and your company to be certain in the knowledge that you have made the best choice of reliable experienced office movers. And so, you have maximum support with our ‘Seven Point Certainty Guarantee’. As far as we are aware, no other office movers will offer you any such guarantee for reliable experienced removal services. This is especially relevant in London, where traffic, parking and space restrictions put extra demands on everyone.

Certainty 1. You’ll be up and running on time

First of all, we promise to do whatever we can to get your company up and running on the agreed date. Therefore, if Nifty ever causes a serious problem which stops you from getting on with your business, by the agreed time, then you won’t be expected to pay a penny of the bill…We will complete the job free of charge.

Certainty 2. You’ll only ever pay a fair price

Secondly, Nifty Business Movers engages in open and honest communication with all clients. As a result, the prices you are quoted will be fixed and fair. Providing the scope of work remains unchanged, any additional costs incurred on a project will be borne by Nifty Business Movers.

Certainty 3. Your property will be looked after

Most importantly, we ensure to take the utmost care and attention when moving your equipment. In the unlikely event that we accidentally damage or break anything while on site, the item will be replaced or repaired at our cost.

Certainty 4. Hire products

In addition, if any of the products (crates, furniture etc.) you hire arrive on site in anything other than good condition, we will replace them the same day or you will not be charged for that day’s hire.

Certainty 5. You’ll be treated courteously and respectfully

All Nifty Business Movers reliable experienced people adhere to a clear set of documented ‘service commitments’. If for any reason your expectations are not met by a member of staff then simply contact your account manager or a Nifty Business Movers Director straightaway…You will not pay a penny for that person on that day.

Certainty 6. Visibility and accountability

Above all, the management team at Nifty Business Movers take responsibility for each and every project. Our role is to be visible and available as your office movers. This means that someone from Nifty will respond to your call within 60 minutes during the implementation of your project…If we don’t get back to you within an hour pick a charity and we will pay them £250 in your name.

Certainty 7. Postponement or cancellation

Lastly, if your plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, you will not be charged a cancellation fee provided you give us at least 48 hours warning.

Our Service Commitments

Keeping promises:

Firstly, we treat everyone in a warm, friendly and professional manner. In fact, everyone at Nifty is committed to ‘doing what they say’. Keeping promises is fundamental to achieving effective and happy teamwork, which in turn ensures that you can rely on Nifty Business Movers to always get the job done.

Communicating honestly and openly:

Nifty Business Movers recognises its responsibility in building an organisation of integrity and partnership amongst customers, suppliers and fellow employees. That is why all communication, whether written or verbal, is thought through, appropriate and honest. As your office movers, we encourage constructive feedback and will never hide if a project is not going according to plan. We’ll never blame anyone or be afraid of saying sorry when the need arises.

Delivering extra:

Nifty Business Movers expects its reliable experienced managers to lead by example in all that they do. We always clearly define and agree individual, team and organisational responsibilities to ensure everyone can deliver their services and responsibilities in full and beyond. Nifty Business Movers strives to provide innovative and imaginative solutions to customers and will always consider how expectations can be exceeded to deliver ‘extra’ value.

Accepting responsibility:

We answer all your communications within 24 hours. During the implementation of your project, a senior member of our management team will respond to your calls within 60 minutes.

Polite, courteous and reliable:

All staff will arrive on your site in presentable Nifty Business Movers uniforms, no jeans, trainers or inappropriate clothing. We recognise manners go a long way, so will be polite and courteous. All removal vehicles will be clean, well maintained and presentable. All our staff undergo extensive training to comply with appropriate Health and Safety policies. At all times we will carry the correct equipment for the job.

Remembering the detail:

Often, the fine details of a project are the most visible. As a result, you can always expect clear walkways, the organisation of clutter and storage areas, and overall neat presentation. We conduct office removals accurately; aligning all desks, furniture and cabinets, as well as tucking in chairs uniformly under desks etc.

Support and respect:

Overall, Nifty Business Movers recognise you are the ‘Judge and Jury’ of the service you receive. If there is ever any disappointment with Nifty Business Movers’ services we will listen to you and work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If that level of certainty sounds like something you’d appreciate why not get in touch and choose Nifty today?

About Nifty Business Movers

Nifty Business Movers are here to help with office moves and storage. We have the resources and expertise to make office removals as smooth and easy as possible.

15 Minute, Free, No Obligation Survey

Nifty Business Movers are here to help whatever the size of your business, wherever in London. First of all, a 15-minute free, no obligation, survey is all it takes to get a quote to you…usually, on the same day. Nifty Business Movers’ survey ensures that you have the right men, vehicles and packing materials to make sure that you don’t lose valuable productive business time. Consequently, this also means none of the typically hidden extras. Most of all, unlike any other company, we will move your company on time and to the agreed budget or you get your move for FREE!

Our Surveyor

Our surveyor will usually be able to carry out your survey within a couple of days and have a quote to you within 24 hours, or as soon as possible. Firstly, our surveyor will establish how much equipment and furniture needs moving and how quickly. In addition, he will also look out for any special considerations that can make a big difference on moving day. For instance, parking restrictions/access, use of lifts, any furniture that needs dismantling and rebuilding, and finally, what materials we need to move your IT equipment in a safe and secure manner.

Our Commitment

Nifty provides an efficient service that guarantees to get your business up and running by an agreed time to an agreed budget. In fact, we are the only company in London offering to do the job for free if we don’t meet agreed targets – we’ve not had to ‘pay-up’ on our guarantees yet.

Overall, it’s our commitment to you that we care about the service you get.


Nifty provides you with more help than just moves.

We can store your furniture and equipment on a short or long-term basis. In addition, we provide full bar-coded archive technology, making document storage and retrieval fast and simple. Furthermore, we also clear your office of unwanted furniture and equipment after your move – if the furniture is in good condition we may even pay you! Our services have been recognised by both the Best Business Awards and Global Business Awards as providing outstanding removals services for London.

Nifty's Removal Process

You call us, or email, or complete a quick quote form. We contact you and discuss the removal process and, more specifically, your office move.

If necessary, we will arrange an appointment with our surveyor. Our removal process aims to have someone with you within five working days – but it’s usually much less.

First of all, at a survey, we will check a multitude of details regarding the specific services that you need to move your company. These can affect the time and cost needed for your move such as:

  • Parking restrictions/access, use of lifts (at all addresses)
  • Amount of furniture to be moved and what requires dismantling and reassembling
  • What materials will be necessary to move your IT equipment in a safe and secure manner
  • Amount of filing/paperwork/stationery and other items. In addition, any whiteboards, noticeboards, TVs, and artwork that you want to be taken down and put back up
  • Any old stuff in your current office that needs disposal – especially if you have new furniture for your new office – Tell us and if it is of reasonable quality, we might even buy it from you. If not, we’ll recycle it so nothing goes to landfill
  • Any packing services you require – you can pack yourself or we can pack and unpack for you.
Nifty sends you a quote – usually within 24 hours of a survey.

If you’d like us to help you there is an electronic quote acceptance link in our email and we can book in the resources needed for your move on the day that you specify.

Before the move, we will be in touch to make sure that you have no last-minute issues and to confirm all the details. Furthermore, we will also supply special colour-coded labels so that you can identify who owns which equipment and files. As a result, your staff’s belongings are waiting at the right desk, or in the right cabinet, after the move.

On move day our supervisor will introduce himself to your key contact and the move gets underway. He will be your main contact throughout the move and will be able to resolve any problems that occur (such as lifts breaking down, emergency road closures or over-running IT technicians).

When we’ve finished, your supervisor will go through everything with you to make sure that everything is where you want it to be before the men leave the site.

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