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IT Relocations in London

If you’re looking for a trustworthy IT relocation service in London who are professional and knowledgeable, look no further. Nifty Business Movers specialise in IT office removal services and are a leading, trusted IT relocation company throughout the city of London. We move businesses across north, south, east and west London.

We are here to help you to move your business IT and technology equipment to your new offices. Along with this, our aim is to have you up and running in no time.

IT relocations in London are a critical part of any office move. However, it’s the planning that takes time. With this in mind, our IT relocation service includes asset management, server migrations, cabling, and IT equipment disposal.

IT Relocations London including computer office moves
IT Office Relocation Services

IT Removals in London

We’re the experts in IT relocations. Moving your desks and all your IT equipment is second nature to us. Whether it’s a couple of computers or you’re relocating a large business with a complex IT system, we have the right IT specialists.

In addition, our IT experts have a range of knowledge and expertise in IT relocations London resulting in minimal downtime in your new office.

Finally, Nifty Business Movers will ensure that every screen is precisely positioned and cabled to your needs. That’s why our customers choose us when they need a reliable IT relocations company based in London.

IT Office Relocation in London

Moving your IT equipment is arguably the most important aspect of an office move. Most businesses rely on their IT system. For this reason, it’s vital to move your business’s IT equipment by an IT relocation company who know what they’re doing.

An IT office relocation involves a huge number of things, it’s not just about moving desks from one office to another. It includes an array of moving parts, one vital aspect is your IT equipment.

Whether you’re moving an array of IT equipment or a handful of computers and phones, it’s one of the most instrumental aspects of an office IT move. It requires good planning. Therefore, it’s important to have dedicated IT specialists or IT engineers to move your IT equipment when you need it relocating to reduce your business downtime. Like most businesses, it’s likely that you rely on your IT equipment and services to run smoothly. Like any technology, IT equipment should always be given plenty of thought and planning when you’re conducting an IT office move. We’re the IT relocation experts and we conduct office moves day in and day out, so let us help you. 

IT Relocation – Disconnection of IT and Technology equipment

Our IT experts will plan your office move during your IT relocation London. This includes the phase of disconnecting your current IT equipment (computers, phone systems and everything in between). Next, we will ensure your machines and equipment are checked and labelled. Our labelling system allows us to organise your business and make your move more efficient. Matching cabling, machines and networks to the right people and places is simple and easy.

During your IT relocation, your extremely valuable IT equipment will be protected and our labelling system allows us to match the correct person, desk and equipment in your new office.

IT Relocation – Reconnection of IT Equipment

Finally, when you get to your new office our IT removal experts will check all of your IT equipment. Matching your IT equipment and cabling to your new office plans. After this, we will get you back online in your new office by reconnecting your IT equipment.

Nifty Business Movers dedicates a team to IT, who are professional and have a wealth of experience you can trust. Even if we come across some hurdles whilst we’re reconnecting your IT equipment, we’ll get you back up and running.

Nifty Business Movers IT Move Services

Office Move Server Migration

We can help with server migration and server reconfiguration – either to carry out a complete service or to support in-house IT departments. IT relocations London can be stressful and additional specialist resources can ensure a trouble-free IT move experience.

IT Cabling

Planning, pre-cabling, and desk management help to maximise the efficiency of IT Relocations London. In addition, it improves security and general office housekeeping.

Office Desktop Relocation

Nifty Business Movers IT specialists will ensure we log, pack and move all IT devices to the right place at the right time.

IT Asset Management

As a business, Nifty Business Movers can help companies manage their IT assets by auditing and reporting on current asset integrity before we commence your IT relocation.


IT relocations London usually lead to redundant IT equipment. Therefore, we will dispose of any equipment you no longer want in accordance with the WEEE Directive.

IT Office Move Project Management

Moving servers and server reconfigurations are key during IT relocations London. We allocate our IT project manager to work specifically on the IT aspects of your office move. Having a specific resource gives your move the highest priority to get your business back up and running.

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