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New Delivery and Furniture Installations

Here at Nifty Movers, we focus on furniture installation. With extensive experience throughout our company, encountering an issue we haven’t resolved before is becoming less common. Our technicians possess exceptional product knowledge acquired through both experience and training with top furniture manufacturers. Equipped for any situation, our committed Project Managers will collaborate closely with you to coordinate the most efficient and economical approach to your client’s installation requirement.

Furniture Installation

Business requirements are in a constant state of flux, and whether you are expanding your client’s office premises, rearranging existing spaces, or establishing a more adaptable work environment, Nifty Movers guarantees a seamless execution of your client’s project. We dedicate ourselves to comprehending your organisation and adopt a comprehensive approach to furniture and systems installation, considering work methodologies, workflow, and your utilisation of technology. Our aim is to deliver fully operational, high-performing workspaces that cater to the needs and satisfaction of your clients’ employees.

Management & Storage

Nifty Movers offers comprehensive solutions for the management and storage of furniture and business equipment. Our services are essential for installation projects, office refurbishments, moves, and relocations. We provide fully integrated delivery and installation packages, as well as standalone services.

With a total of 30,000 sq. ft of secure warehousing strategically positioned to cater to UK and EU operations, we offer flexible short, medium, and long-term storage options for our customers. Our inventory management services guarantee that your items are meticulously tracked and traceable, allowing you to efficiently and effectively manage your assets.

Workplace Installation Services

  • Furniture solutions
  • Meeting Pods and Booths
  • Integrated Office AV solutions
  • Acoustic solutions

Manufacturers or teams that we have had the pleasure in working with are:

Verco, Haworth, Actiu, Orangebox, Steelcase, Knoll, Herman Miller, Vitra, Boss, All Steel, Senator Group, Narbutas, Framery, Hush Office, Sunwood.