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All Wrapped Up

By planning ahead, moving your business doesn’t need to be stressful. Simply following a few tried and tested tips you can simplify the moving and packing process and make sure your office move goes smoothly.

Start Early

If at all possible avoid moving at the busiest time of day for your business. Consider the time and plan the timing of your move carefully. Does your business needs to operate during the moving process? Have a plan and a deadline for everyone to work to.

Invest in Proper Packing Supplies

Niffty Business Movers highly recommend that you invest in proper packing supplies before beginning the packing and moving process. Your office equipment is valuable and essential to restarting up at your future location. Make sure you use business standard moving cardboard boxes or crates, bubble wrap and strong packing tape.


The best way to make sure nothing gets lost or misplaced when moving office is with clear and concise labelling on boxes and crates. Numbering with a brief description is one way to quickly locate items needed and be placed in the right place once you have moved to your new office.

Take Care of Office Furniture – Dismantle if Possible

Before moving office decide how much furniture do you really need to take with you and whether moving any large bulky items will be worth it. Moving larger pieces of furniture can create its own particular problems with passing safely through doorways, hallways and managing stairs. One solution is to dismantle the furniture first for easier and safer transportation. Make sure you dismantle furniture correctly by following the relevant instruction manual and use the correct tools. Keep safe all the bolts, nuts etc for reassembling at your new location.

Donate / Recycle

Your next move is the perfect opportunity to have a clear out of all unwanted or obsolete items such as office furniture, printers, copiers PCs etc. With the likelihood of needing to upgrade any essential items you could also take this opportunity to donate out of date items and save yourself the hassle of packing and moving them. Make sure you check which donation centers are registered charities.


However careful you pack and move your business accidents can still happen so its imperative that you are insured. Everything thats involved in the moving process needs to be covered from the lifting of heavy furniture, transportation and the possible option of using short term storage facilities. Make sure you’re fully insured to cover any damage, loss of items and possible unforeseen business downtime.

Pack Computers & Cables Correctly

Office computers are not only essential pieces of equipment but probably account for some of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your business. Make sure you follow these tips to making sure you minimise any possibility of damage in the moving process.

  • Protect all computers individually. If possible cover them with padded material and wrap tightly with tape to create a tight hold. Never stack computers on top of each other or other items.
  • Wrap any monitors in the same way but make sure that any tape you use does not touch the screen itself, as this can itself cause damage. Make use of bubble wrap if possible and keep them separated. Don’t put them in boxes in case they move around.
  • Safeguard your data. Its imperative that you safeguard all data on your computers even when you are not moving. By far the best way to do this is by using a cloud based storage option such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon. The other option is to back up all data to a separate removable hard drive. If this is the preferred option then care needs to be taken transporting the separate hard drive.