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Client Feedback - Sona Asset Management - Review
Client Feedback - Sona Asset Management - Review

Nifty relocated Sona Asset Management in the Latest Mayfair Office Move.

Here's what Sona Asset management have to say about Nifty Business Movers...

Move went really well, really nice staff and very hardworking! Took longer than expect however that was not the fault of the movers just the nature of the beast.

The Project

On Saturday 1st June, the Nifty Business Movers team arrive at Startton Street, London, for a 9:00am start.

Nifty Business Movers were helping Sona Asset Management move to their new Mayfair address at Berkeley Street, London.

Upon arrival at the first floor offices of Sona Asset Management, Nifty’s foreman conducts a walk-around with Bibiana. Bibiana has been Nifty’s contact with Sona Asset Management right from their initial consultation. And so, Bibiana and all the Nifty team knew the requirements and the removal process.

To start with, it was the responsibility of the two specialist fitters to safely pack the IT equipment and remove the monitor arms from the computers. Once everything was securely in crates, the team were able to start dismantling the fifteen desks. With all the equipment packaged, the Nifty team start to make their way to the van. Sona Asset Management had the following items to move to their new address: I.T crates, 15 desks, 15 pedestals, 2 medicine cabinets, a large fridge, a coat stand and a TV.

Fortunately, with an office lift and great access to the front of the building, it was a quick and easy process to load the vans.

Considering the new address was also in Mayfair, it was just a short trip round the corner in the vans.

Upon arrival at Berkeley street, the team began unloading the office items and moving them to the new office on the fifth floor. Firstly, it was necessary to re-build the desks and position them as per the agreed arrangements. Bibiana was on hand to reconfirm the seating plan and ensure all items were in the correct place.

Whilst the last items were coming up in the lift, some of the team began recommissioning the IT equipment. The recommissioning process includes; assembling monitor arms, checking all items are accounted for and re-connecting all power leads, printers, keyboards, mice and all other peripherals. In addition, the Nifty team then power up the equipment; checking all diagnostics and that the network is in working order.

Are you planning an office removal? No matter where you are or what sort of equipment you need to move…Nifty Business Movers are the team for you!

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