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Office Relocation Top Tips

1) Get Connected

Make sure that your phones and broadband are going to be connected by move day.

2) Check that your furniture fits

Do you need a space plan? It sounds basic but it saves a lot of time on move day when a pillar gets in the way of the layout working.

3) Spring Clean

Take the opportunity to ditch excess filing old stationery with the old address and rubbish. It’s less to move and who doesn’t feel better after a spring clean?

4) Update Address

Remember to update your website, letterhead, business cards, compliments slips etc with your new address – it’s a good excuse to get in touch with old and new clients.

5) Check Cabling

Network cabling can be a bugbear – is everything in the correct positions for your desk layout?

6) Necessities for the New Office

Do your new offices need any TLC before you move in? Carpets, blinds, a lick of paint?

7) Permissions

If you’re moving in normal working hours do you need permission to use the lifts? Better to ask than need to lug everything up four flights of stairs.

8) Notice

Give plenty of notice of your move date for your removal company for arranging parking permits to avoid parking fines.

9) Label

Use coloured labelling systems based on where the new desk locations are – so the removal men know that all the ‘green’ label items go to the ‘green’ area in the new office.

10) What’s on the Walls

Decide what’s happening to all the stuff on your walls – your artwork, notice boards, TVs etc, and agree who’s moving it and putting it up at the other end.

11) Insurance

If you’re moving yourself, make sure that your insurance company knows what’s happening and that you’re covered for any damages or losses.

12) Communication

Keep everyone informed of the plan – people don’t like uncertainty so have team meetings or issue a newsletter to staff to let them know what to expect and give them the chance to ask questions – you never know – they may have thought of something that’s been forgotten!