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Cubit Consulting

Carlo advised that the relocation was excellent, the foreman was very helpful and had no issues.

Cubit Consulting were formerly at Haywards Place in Farringdon, London. Nifty Business Movers recently helped the company move to their new address in Hackney.

The Project

Bright and early on Friday 12th July, the Nifty team met with Carlo from Cubit Consulting. Following the induction, the Nifty group conduct a full sweep of the offices at Haywards Place. Nifty’s foreman was in charge of documenting the condition of the building and taking photographs ahead of the move.

In the first instance, it was necessary to document any damage to the property or possessions. Following this, half of the Nifty team set about protecting the lifts, stairs and doorways. Meanwhile, the other members of the team carefully pack all the IT equipment. Once all the equipment was securely in crates, Nifty’s fitters began dismantling the desks.

The majority of the furniture was travelling to the new address on Curtain Road, however there were a few desks that were no longer necessary. As a result, Cubit Consulting were able to take advantage of Nifty’s Furniture Clearance offer. This offer includes the reuse, resale or recycling of redundant furniture at no additional cost. In addition, Nifty Business Movers also have long standing relationships with various local charities and often donate redundant furniture.

The team load the vans and travel to Hackney. Within 15 minutes they arrive at 13-21 Curtain Road in Hackney and start to unload the vans. The team carry out a similar protocol to Haywards Place and protect all the walls, floors and doors. Everything is carefully placed as per Carlo’s instructions and the fitters assemble the desks.

Finally, the Nifty team accompanies Carlo around the offices. Carlo advised that the relocation was excellent, the foreman was very helpful and had no issues.