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The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

We have only positive feedback from our experience with Nifty Movers. Completely seem less from start to finish. We are so grateful to all your colleagues for making what could be a very stressful experience completely painless!

Nifty have recently helped The Cure Parkinson’s Trust with their office move.

The Project

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust is the leading charity for the medical research into Parkinson’s. Based in London, recently the Trust were moving offices within the Marylebone area. Nifty Business Movers were responsible for helping conduct their office move to New Cavendish street.


Upon arrival at the Baker street address, Nifty’s foreman meets with Jo from the Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Following a quick walk around the premises, the Nifty team set to work auditing all the IT Equipment. This includes assigning each work location a unique ID number and creating an inventory of all IT equipment at each position. The auditing process is essential to ensure there is no damage or loss of any equipment during the office relocation.


Once the auditing process is complete, Nifty’s IT technicians begin the decommissioning process. Depending on the preferences and size of the organisation, Nifty will attend multiple internal meetings leading up to the move. Ultimately this allows the team to familiarise themselves with the IT systems and safety procedures ahead of the move. Decommissioning of IT equipment includes: pre-move testing, powering down, labelling and auditing each item and disconnecting all IT and associated equipment. In addition, Nifty Business Movers will also remove toners, drums and ink cartridges from printers for safe packing. Following the decommissioning of all the equipment, the team securely pack all the items in to specialist crates and take them to the vans.

Dismantle & Load

Nifty Business Movers are usually responsible for dismantling desks and other furniture. However, on this occasion, the desks were to stay in one piece for an easy transition. As a result, the team ensure that all the walkways and access routes are appropriately protected with padding and proceed to the vans.

Unload, Reassemble, Recommission

When the team arrive at New Cavendish street, they begin to unpack the items. Without having to reassemble the furniture, it was a quick process to position everything according to the schedule. Then, the IT equipment was carefully unpacked, positioned, connected and tested according to audit instructions. They then power up the IT and diagnostically test to ensure that everything is in working order. Following a sweep of the new offices, the team say farewell to Jo, who had ‘only positive feedback’ regarding Nifty Business Movers.

The Cure Parkinson's Trust (Building)